What was once considered gangster related graffiti has evolved into much more appreciated and respected form of art over the years. So much so, that aerosol artwork is being commissioned by prominent galleries and exhibits in cities like Miami and New York City; as just some of the avid supporters of the street art movement. But there’s something to be said when you see an image of Frida Kahlo or work by a Latino artist on a city wall turned into visual installations of sorts. Many artists might still be up-and-coming but for now we’ll leave you with a few selections that are sure to make you to grab some paints and bring out your inner artist!
Mural In Austin’s South First St. by Fernando Piñon and Michelle Josey.
Mural in Frankfurt, Germany’s “Street Art Brazil” by Brazilian street artist, Francisco Silva, a.ka. Nunca.
Mural in Los Angeles, California by Alex Ali Gonzalez.

Mural in Queens, New York by Ecuadorian street artist Lady Pink.

Art by Brazilian street artists Os Gemeos.
Art in Oaxaca, Mexico by L.A. based street artist, Retna.