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It's no secret women of color are seriously underrepresented in the art world. Luckily, more and more normally marginalized artists are organizing and making their voices heard and artwork seen. Enter the Instagram-based #ArtHoe Collective, a movement which seeks to "empower and nurture" the works of people of color (POC) — especially young people, women, queer, trans, sex workers, and non-binary folk who are too often left without a platform. 

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Take it from one of Art Hoe's contributors Jenoris Caba, a Latina photographer based out of New Jersey about what she hopes others learn get from the movement.

"Being able to take back my life's narrative visually was the single most loving and powerful thing I've done for myself. I hope that through my work I can transmit that to another young creative, especially one who is marginalized. I want this to be a self-replenishing cycle of inspiration and self-validation," Caba says. 

The issues the #ArtHoe Collective tackle are personal — everything from police brutality to internalized and institutionalized racism to fighting against the patriarchy. Even actress Amandla Stenberg (pictures above) is supporting the cause with her Keith Haring inspired selfie

"I'm so excited to be a part of this collective and continue spreading love/light/creativity for POC. We're here to fight the stereotypes that we aren't sensitive. That we aren't creative. That we lack talent."

The movement is still new but it's obvious that with just 45 posts up so far their followers of over 7K are super passionate about the medium therein becoming more informed about the challenges minorities face. Take a look and let us know what you think of the Art Hoe Collective.

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