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photo: Corbis, iStock

If you thought ballet was all about classical music and no-nonsense buns, these girls are about to prove you wrong. Students at the The School of Homer Bryant Chicago Multi-Cultural Dance Center are redefining what it means to study dance and to be a ballerina. They decided to share their innovative talents with the world by sharing this video featuring several of their dancers performing to “Disclosure” by Omen featuring Sam Smith

Whether you wore a pink tutu and slippers to dance class or got your ballet fix by watching Black Swan, everyone can appreciate some good moves. Dancers, including ballerinas, are masters of movement thanks to years of rigorous practice and strength-training — and they've got perfect posture and solid stretching skills to boot. With all of the perks that come with practicing ballet, we weren’t surprised to discover that so many of our favorite actresses and supermodels started out as ballerinas at one point! So we've rounded up eight lovely celebrity ladies who rocked a pirouette back in the day.