We don't have to tell you that Bruno Mars is a total heartthrob. His songs are love anthems, his dance moves are unparalleled, and he flaunts his Puerto Rican roots just as abuela would love for you to do.

 Turns out, the singer was just as much of a catch back in high school as he is now.

Mars shared a hilarious Insta-video showing how he got all the ladies' attention back in the day, and honestly, it makes the most sense.

In high school when girls were like Bruno you play piano?? ????????

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"In high school when girls were like Bruno you play piano?? ????????," he captioned the video of him showing off his musical skills.

If the tune sounds familiar, you must be a '90s baby because it's K-Ci & JoJo's 1997 hit, "All My Life."

Unfortunately for us, Mars didn't since along while playing piano, but he did show us exactly how he works his magic.

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He pretends to play all coy and shy to the camera, as if he didn't know in high school he'd be a musical prodigy.

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"Just playin' around," Mars jokes at the end of the video. "Self taught..."

He pretty much seals the deal when he finishes it off with this adorable look:

bruno mars
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Real-life footage of us at the moment:

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