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Quick, call Beyoncé and Jay-Z, the U.S and Cuba have re-established diplomatic relations for the first time since 1961 reopening embassies in each other's capitals. So, what does this all mean? Politics aside, this would be a great time to explore the vibrant culture that Cuba has to offer. Those 90 miles seems closer than ever and we’ve got you covered on how to get there stat. Since “tourism” is still not a valid reason to be let in to the country, let’s be real on how we can get there. We’ve got a list of five reasons to get you exploring the streets of Havana, beyond “studying abroad” and “cultural exchange”, that could probably get you to Cuba but we’re not making any promises.


Getting your MA in Caribbean Beach Studies

You can look back at those other business majors and laugh.

A journalistic comparison of Nuyorican style Salsa dancing vs. Cuban style salsa dancing

Who wouldn’t want to grab a cute partner and dance in the streets?

To find the original genius behind Chino-Cubano food

They’ve been hiding and we’re ready find them... who knows what other epic ideas they have going on in that brain of theirs!

Creating a “Selfies In Cuba” Instagram series that’s going to be a coffee table book

À la Kardashian.

Breaking a Guinness World Record of drinking the most mojitos with Havana Club Rum

Proceed with caution but we know you have to create some history here!

Is there anything we left out? Let us know!