There have been countless pieces of Frida Kahlo-inspired artwork, but none of them are quite like this portrait of the legendary Mexican artist made out of... gum.

That's right. Chicano artist Ruben Dario Villa created his Kahlo masterpiece with tiny colored pieces of chiclets — 4,587 pieces, to be exact.

Yes, this is the same founder of the Latinx-inspired air freshener company, Fúchila Fresheners.

Villa, along with other artists, decided to honor the iconic Mexicana for her birthday celebration event "El Color Y El Dolor," a Frida Kahlo-inspired art show.

The San Francisco show was curated by artist Francisco Franco and hosted by the Puerto Alegre restaurant. 

It wasn't easy...

And the finished product was nothing short of INCREDIBLE.

Just look at it! 

It was such a creative, jaw-dropping hit that even the curator of the show had to give him a shout-out.

"Artist @rdvious and owner of @fuchilafresheners stole the show with his conceptually based Frida portrait done entirely out of #chiclets. If you don't know Chiclets are an inexpensive Mexican bubble gum usually sold by children in the streets of Mexico. He's an amazing artist and designer and he's young, smart and ambitious. Look out for future works by this man and see the original at my curated show," Franco wrote on his Instagram page.

We've gotta admit, she looks damn good next to the other Kahlo pieces of artwork, too.

Villa wrote, "Such an amazing experience to have people trip out on your work and genuinely care about the method, time and inspiration behind #Frida4587 #ChiclePop I'm home now and I feel like I got hit by a train while running a marathon and am going to bed. #graciasadios for my #passion and #creativity and for the road ahead. Humbled to be on a wall with some badass artists. Let's see where this leads. But seriously, for now it leads right to bed."

Bravo, Villa! Bravo.