Frida Kahlo is such a world-renowned icon that one mention of her name immediately brings her legendary paintings to mind. Although the Mexican artist is known best for her artwork, fans have also taken an interest in her personal style. 

That's the reason fashion scholar Circe Henestrosa decided to curate the "Appearances Can be Deceiving: The Dresses of Frida Kahlo" exhibition. Henestrosa wanted to display Kahlo's archived items to highlight "construction of identity through disability and ethnicity." 

"We must remember that Frida — like [her husband] Diego [Rivera] — wanted the colors, the dress, the culture of Mexican women to be public and known," Carlos Phillips, head of the museums that feature Kahlo and Rivera's work, told Reuters.

frida kahlo style

Frida Kahlo

photo: Tumblr/jemappellesabine.

When Kahlo died in 1954, Rivera locked all of her personal possessions in the bathroom of La Caza Azul, their Mexico City home. He mandated that the items must remain hidden for 15 years after his death, according to Henestrosa. 

Although Rivera died three years after Kahlo, the room wasn't opened until 2004. 

In 2011, Henestrosa invited photographer Ishiuchi Miyako to shoot over 300 unseen items from Kahlo's house (which is now the Frida Kahlo Museum) for the exhibition. Miyako cataloged Kahlo's intimate collection, from her cast to her dresses and shoes, in a raw, unfiltered way.

Here are 20 of her belongings that will leave you speechless:


These cat eye sunglasses were in perfect condition.


A simple black blouse.


We can definitely imagine Kahlo in these colorful boots.

As The Guardian reports, "Kahlo’s right leg was thinner than her left after childhood polio," which could account for the stacked heel on the right shoe.


Black gloves that are both wildly interesting and a bit eerie.


She loved to accessorize!


Kahlo wore a prosthetic leg. Her right leg was amputated because she contracted gangrene.

Gangrene is a condition that happens after there is a loss of blood supply in the body due to an illness or infection. 


After her infamous and life-changing bus accident, she wore a full-body cast for a couple of months.


Of course she attached a green silk skirt to her body corset.


And this was one of her corsets sans attachments.


She didn't let her injury stop her from wearing vibrant colors and patterns.


Although this swimsuit may be old, the style of it is something that you can find in some stores today.


A traditional Tehuana dress...


...and a Tehuana headdress.


Naturally she turned her cast into art as well.


A simple striped scarf that looks brand new.


Her vest which could have given her relief from some of the pain she may have been experiencing.


A close shot of her stockings.


Her brush still had some strands of her hair.


Her Revlon nail polishes also managed to stay intact.

The left appears to be a dark green while the right is a pink-hued red.


And last, but not least, a bottle of perfume. We can only begin to imagine how heavenly Kahlo smelled.