photo: Christine Stoddard/Vivala

For all the talk of #TonysSoDiverse (a spin off of #OscarsSoWhite), Lin-Manuel Miranda is not convinced Broadway's white-washing will change.

"I think our incredibly, amazingly diverse Tonys season that just ended was a fluke," said the Hamilton writer and star to Judith Rodin, The Rockefeller Foundation President, on Thursday. Manuel appeared in conversation with Rodin on Rockefeller's Insight Dialogues series.

He added, "The way Broadway works, there are three theater owners. And what’s ready to come in, what theater owners think will be profitable to come in, is all based on what those theater owners bring into their theaters."

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Miranda explained that because of Broadway's business model, this year's theater diversity was a matter of "luck." He mentioned productions like Shuffle Along, Allegiance, The Color Purple, and Hamilton as examples.

Could next year be different? Absolutely.

"It depends on what comes in," says Miranda.

But even if theater artists and theater-goers did get lucky this year, there's a bigger takeaway here.

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"The exciting lesson that I hope people in Hollywood are taking away from Hamilton is that you don't need a white guy at the center of things to make it relatable," said Miranda.

Could we get a praise hands emoji for that?