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photo: Debi Hasky

When it came to the harassment she was facing on the streets of Panama, 24-year-old Debi Hasky didn’t just stand by and let it happen. Instead, she drew from her experiences to create the powerful photo series “Call Out Catcalls”. What began as an idea she created on her way to the market, Hasky’s illustrations have gone viral and even won her a scholarship to attend the Instituto Europeo di Design in Barcelona.

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Through the illustrations, Hasky seeks to raise awareness about the rampant catcalling present throughout Latin America. 

“Words have power and I hope the audience understands that. I hope my illustrations inspire people to embrace their unique qualities, giving them the courage to express their emotions. Know that your feelings are valid. You are not alone,” she says. 

Check out the inspiring illustrations that are raising awareness about catcalling.

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