photo: Rosalba Reyes Pérez

The topic of immigration and assimilation never seems to escape the narrative of our daily on-goings. We deal with these issues every single day whether we realize it or not, and more so when you are an immigrant or a child of an immigrant. Now there’s an opportunity to take a closer look into that experience through a new photo exhibition in the Bronx.

“Much is being written and theorized about immigration but this photography show makes their experiences more tangible and is a rare window into migrants lives where you can see and listen first hand about the joys and struggles of being a Mexican-American immigrant family in the U.S.,” curator of the show Rafael Gamo said. 

photo: Brenda Hernández Romero

Here There, Acá Allá: Photographic dialogues between generations and cultures,” is a group show, of sorts, that will display images by first and second generations of participating Mexican-American immigrant families. The shows bilingual title refers to the dual experience of “growing up and living between two cultures, using two languages and developing an enriched identity.”

The photo show features approximately 30 images taken by three children and two mothers who participated in workshop at the Bronx Documentary Center, which is where the exhibit will be held. The show, curated by Susana Arellano and Gamo, also features three audio pieces with excerpts of conversations between the participants.  

photo: Paula Romero Salazar

The images reflect the lives of migrants (parents born in Mexico, kids born and raised in the U.S.), which is, for the most part, underrepresented and misunderstood.

“It also spotlights the cultural differences between first and second generation migrants. Every person that has struggled to migrate into the U.S. can see themselves reflected in the photographs and relate to their own experiences,” Gamo adds.

“Here There, Acá Allá” opens August 29 at 6-9 pm through September 13th at Bronx Documentary Center 614 Courtlandt Ave, Bronx. For more information visit