It's finally here. After months of waiting, Pixar has finally released a trailer for their Day of the Dead movie, "Coco" — and it's incredible.

In the teaser we see the main character, a 12-year-old boy named Miguel, lighting candles for his hero, singer Ernesto de la Cruz.

Miguel picks up his own guitar — which looks just like de la Cruz' — and watches a tape featuring the deceased star's best moments.

And how adorable is Miguel?! The music fan even picks up how to play the instrument from watching de la Cruz.

But Miguel isn't the only person who admires de la Cruz. He is a hero to the entire community — as we see with this massive statue.

Miguel dares to break into the mausoleum where de la Cruz is buried...

He grabs the star's guitar, and strums it...

And he ends up on the other side — but he's not alone.

Miguel is now in the land of the dead — and while it seems scary at first, it quickly becomes a source of happiness, not fear.

It confirms that there is an afterlife, which is a huge reason why the Day of the Dead is a cause for celebration instead of mourning.

The message "we are all a part of those who came before" spliced throughout the trailer gave us the chills.

Will Miguel meet his idol? We still have to wait and see.

We are now more pumped than ever for this movie! "Coco" will be released this fall — watch the full trailer below.