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A sick indie film, fashion show, concert, and art gallery is only a taste of what you will experience at one of RAW: Natural Born Artists’ events. 

Every other month RAW organizes events in which local artists showcase their work and attendees can meet and experience local talents in everything from film, fashion and photography to hair, makeup, and music. Not only does this give exposure to the artists but it also creates a night filled with drinks, laughter, and creative entertainment for all who attend.

The independent arts organization, for artists, by artists helps painters, musicians, designers among others to become known amongst the nation through a series of events that occur every other month in cities all over the U.S., Australia, and Canada. This month’s event is Glimpse. And, because we are great supporters of art and self-expression, we couldn’t hold off on putting together a short list of only a few of the Latino artists that form part of the organization.

Check out RAW's site to find out about the locals to showcase in your city, and don’t forget to let us you know if you’ve entered your own art!