THE FACE OF GOD? A medical artist created this portrait of Jesus, and it doesn't quite look like Robert Powell ...

Posted by WGN's Mike Lowe on Monday, December 14, 2015

Ask any devoted Catholic to describe what Jesus Christ looked like and you'll probably get a similar description times and again — long brown hair, fair skin and light eyes. This is the depiction of Jesus many have come to know. Until now, that is.

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Richard Neave, a retired medical artist and forensic anthropologist, has used science to create a very different image of the Son of God. Despite causing a bit of controversy as you can probably guess, the majority of people on Twitter seem to be pleased with this new depiction of Christ. 

According to an article published in Popular Mechanics, Neave used modern-day forensic techniques to study three Semite skulls believed to be from around the same time that Jesus lived that were found at Israeli archeological sites, . 

Based on the bones, Neave used computerized tomography (a process that uses special x-ray equipment to create detailed pictures of areas inside the body) to recreate what he and other scientists believe is a more accurate shape for Jesus's face. The result: Neave's Jesus has a wider nose, darker skin, bigger and darker eyes, and a full head of thick black hair. 

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While some people are questioning Neave's conclusion, others argue that this version of Jesus actually makes a lot of sense because of the region of the world that he lived in. believed to be from around the same time that Jesus lived. Since actual drawings of Jesus have never been discovered, scientists are calling Neave's depiction of the Son of God, "the most realistic drawing of Jesus ever created."

What do you think of the new depiction of Jesus?

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