Bidi Bidi Bom . . . WHAT!? Put down the glitter pens for your posters and stop stressing about your concert attire, because as of right now, we’re pretty sure the Selena hologram tour is NOT happening. A few months ago Abraham Quintanilla announced to fans in the Selena Q Radio chatroom that the Selena The One tour by Acrovirt, had been cancelled.

"They were asking fans for money,” he said in the chat. “But we are working with another company. This time I will not give out any information unless the project runs.”

While we had hoped that this was just a rumor, or a super early April Fools' joke, or that there would at least be some news by now as to what company would be taking over the project, it seems as though there are no prospects of the tour happening in 2018 as originally planned.

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The official website for the tour has since been deactivated and its Indiegogo fund-raising page has closed, raising only $11,643 of it’s $500,000 goal. Translation: no money, no Selena tour. But that doesn’t mean Selena fans should give up just yet. The Quintanilla family seems very passionate about the project, and Abraham did say they would be working with another company. So Selena fans will just have to cross their fingers and sit tight for now.

The Selena The One tour was a project being worked on by Acrovirt LLC and the Quintanilla family that would have created a digital hologram of Selena. It would have been a digital embodiment of the late singer that would walk, talk, sing, and dance just like her performing new songs, videos, and collaborating with other artists throughout the tour.

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We reached out to Acrovirt for a comment but they were unable to reply back to us in time for publication.