A Selena Quintanilla-themed lotería card game set is everything we never knew we needed, until we stumbled upon one on Etsy.

Etsy store "MissHotShop" sells the traditional Mexican bingo game with the Selena twist and OH MY GOD it's so good.

The cards and game boards honoring the Tejano queen was illustrated by freelance graphic artist Josue Morin.

It features some of her best outfits, homages to her hits, and, of course, La Reina's Grammy Award.

It retails for $25 and comes with six different boards and 24 playing cards.

Some of the people who purchased the set called out the steep price tag and the fact that the "La Carcacha" playing card is misspelled in the reviews, but they're letting all of that slide because of this epic concept.

We also spy with our little eye "she-who-shall-not-be-named," appropriately titled as "El Diablo."

But let's not focus on her — instead, let's take a moment for the iconic "Anything for Selenas" card. 

People cannot get enough of it, and we completely understand why.

Lucia Briones, a reviewer of the product, wrote, "These are simply precious! I love the details in so many of these! The 'El Show' immediately cracked me up. (Sorry for covering it up!) As soon as I posted these on my FB and IG, everyone wanted to know where I ordered them! Thank you!"

And if you're completely obsessed and in love with the cards, we have good news: You can also buy two of the Selena lotería cards as prints.

Both of them — "El Washing Machine" and "La Cantante" — are being sold for $30 each.

We need this, like... yesterday.

Hopefully they turn other illustrations from this series into prints too!

So if you're a Selena fan, you're going to want to buy this ASAP!

You can buy it by clicking here and while you're at it, you're going to want to check out the badass Jenni Rivera-inspired lotería set too.