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baking and cooking makeup
photo: Dahianaris Diaz
Our hearts can rest easily now that we know that strobing hasn't dethroned contouring. One of the latest trends keeping hope alive in the makeup-sphere is called "baking" or "cooking." The technique involves layering heaps of a loose face powder underneath the eyes (and anywhere else you'd like to highlight) and letting it sit on the your skin for a few minutes — anywhere from 5 to 30 — for it to do its magic. 
As the clock ticks, the powder begins to meld with the natural oils on your skin and any liquid or creams that are layered underneath. Once time is up, you dust off the excess powder and are left with a complexion that is simply flawless. Besides highlighting the skin, the cooking technique is great for sharpening up your contour: Use a wedge sponge loaded with powder to create a sharp line under the hollows of your cheeks for the fiercest cheekbones of your life in addition to setting that concealer under your eyes.
The process is very simple but there is just one caveat: Not all baking powders are created equal. Some options that look absolutely beautiful in person would never pass an iPhone flash test without casting a dreadful white powdery reflection. We've all seen at least one celebrity fall victim to this, and no one wants to be a victim of this makeup mishap. To save you from a bad photo, we ran some popular options through the gauntlet and found three solid options to make your baking a breeze. Let’s cook!