While the media portrays women with flaw-free bodies, celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Karrueche have been vocal about the reality of stretch marks and how to embrace them. 

I also have learned to love these marks. And although it took me a while, I eventually accepted that stretch marks were just another way my body was rebelling against the beauty norm. And trust me, I was all for this empowering message! So don't ever be ashamed of your stripes, because we are all tigers who earned them.

But like anything, it's every person's prerogative to explore cosmetic enhancement if they so please. And some women are taking matters into their own hands, by using ink to camouflage their stretch marks.

Meet Brazilian tattoo artist Rodolpho Torres. He is the mastermind behind this ingenious treatment.

With 1.2 million followers on Instagram, this woman-exclusive artist has been captivating the internet thanks to his stretch mark-hiding expertise.

Although Torres doesn't necessarily make stretch marks disappear, he strategically fills in the lines with flesh-colored ink that matches the person's skin.

Talk about optical illusion!

And unlike micropigmentation, the artist explains that this procedure is just like a regular tattoo. So, women can sunbathe normally without having to worry about changes in the pigmentation.

Looks like you won't have to give up the beach after all!

Like all procedures, the results may vary with each person. But for the most part, once the tattoo is fully healed, the marks blend seamlessly with the client's skin.

WOW! There is no denying that the results are remarkable.

Despite how painful it looks, Torres has gained a lot of fans worldwide who are searching for a quick fix.

One user commented, "I live in New York but am very interested in this." Another simply said, "I NEED."

Before you get too excited, you should know there are risks. According to dermatologist Dr. Doris Day, stretch marks are not the most ideal place to get a tattoo. She told Fashionista that if done incorrectly, “you can end up with a scar, and a potentially worse problem.” Yikes!

No gracias! I'll keep my beautiful stretch marks.

We are also unsure whether women with darker complexions can opt for this treatment. Particularly because all the women on his Instagram actually have light to medium skin tones.

After all, treatments like laser hair removal are highly discouraged for dark skin tones. 

But if you're still willing to inked, you'll have to pack your bags and head to Brazil, because Torres is the only person offering this treatment as of now.

Although, I wouldn't be surprised if other tattoo artists start jumping on the stretch mark tattoo bandwagon soon.