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photo: Ymijan Baftijari, Vivala
Eyebrows are having a big and bold moment and it doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. From the power brows of Cara Delevingne to Kim Kardashian’s sultry shape, there's eyebrow envy everywhere we look. So who better to talk to about the arches that shape the face than to Chicago’s very own Brow Boss? 
Nadia Danielle is the half-Mexican, half-Pakistani owner behind Near North Side's Brow Boss. The 26 year-old previously worked for Benefit and quickly found herself with little to no time for lunch breaks due to her completely booked schedule throughout the year. It was then she knew that it was time to take her clientele to the next level. At 23, she began her business in a space at the Phenix Salon Suites and she has been her own boss ever since.

I found out about Nadia through a coworker of mine at the time — and let me tell you something: her eyebrows are phenomenal. Since I wasn’t married to my last brow spot, I immediately booked an appointment with Nadia and haven’t looked back since. During my latest visit, I picked her brain to see if she’s thought about expanding her business: “I've always thought about it and when I was younger I thought about wanting a storefront somewhere in the Gold Coast. Now I see that there are other ways of expanding that can be more intimate and more enjoyable for the customers and employees. I've decided to keep it small but make my brand big!,” Nadia says.

She counts Kim K, her first employee and her bestie Lina among those with her favorite brows and thinks well-groomed arches without harsh angles will be the next trend. After my appointment, Nadia was kind enough to spill her eyebrow secrets for me to share with Vivalas everywhere. “I take pride that women love the service I provide for them and that they leave feeling great about themselves,” she explains. Read on for Nadia’s tips and be sure to check out the Brow Boss if you’re in the Chicago area.