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photo: Hernán Valle

The rainbow-glitter trend has been gaining steam on Instagram all year. While it hasn't been limited to the beauty world — rainbow grilled cheese or pizza, anyone? — we think it's safe to say that 2016 is *officially* the year of the rainbow beauty trend. But what do these trends look like in real life? How wearable are they really?

We decided to put four popular trends — glitter freckles, rainbow brows, drippy lips, and glitter hair roots — to the test to see what they look like unfiltered. Oh yeah, and we did them all at once. (What is makeup for if not a chance to have a little fun and get a little cray?)

To do so, we enlisted the help of model Denise Bidot and makeup artist Astarra Thorne, who created all of the looks you'll see. Click through the slideshow to see what happened. (Warning: Things get a little messy!)