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Fragrance, like fashion, is a unique way of expressing your personal style. Spring notes favor florals while summer is a great time to bust out the fruity perfumes. However, when fall hits, it's all about cozy woody scents to match your personality that time of year.

Woody notes are earthy and warm, and happen to be the base notes for many of the fall perfumes hitting shelves now. When when mixed with floral bouquets and even citrus accords they can be quite enchanting and totally feminine. Looking for an instant classic? Then the new Narciso perfume is just for you. Feeling a more daring vibe? Black Opium is a must-have. And if what you want is instant sexiness, go with Gucci Bamboo,

But before you get to shopping consider this fall's lineup of woody fragrances, all of which are sure to impress your olfactory senses and compliment any fashion statement.