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Kim Kardashian West greets us by blowing a kiss — how sweet and personable. That’s what the reality star and multi-business mogul does on the homepage of her newly-launched website. The site has been talking about for a while now, and the one doing all of the buzzing is Kardashian herself, on, where else: Keeping Up With The Kardashians. In almost each episode she was going off about shooting new images and doing exclusives for the site, because her old site was crappy, apparently. Not to be left out, the rest of the Kardashians and Jenners also launched their own sites. Khloe and Kendall have their own app, while Kylie debuted her beauty blog. The ladies dished all about their latest tech endeavors at an Apple store appearance in New York City on Sept. 14. 

So, what else can Kim's new site offer, aside from a barrage of selfies? The only way to find out is by paying up to enter But, is Kim worth your hard earned three bucks a month? We forked over our credit digits, — all in the name of research — so that you can decide for yourself if you willing to part with your hard earned cash. Here’s a breakdown of what the site has to offer.

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In the beauty section, Kim's makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, teaches us about strobing. Mario talks about the difference between strobing and contouring, and as he talks about each makeup item there's a pop-up window where you can see the brand, the cost, and directs you to a site where you can buy it. Ranking: GREAT!

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Under the "Obsessed" category, Kim has a rundown on her favorite items that help her relax, which is made up of mostly bubble baths, and range from $5 to $38. So affordable! She also says that taking a bath is a "perfect location for a sexy selfie!" Well, there's a first time for anything. Ranking: THANK YOU!

Baby North

We know North West has better than style than us, and now we can actually dress like her! That's if you have the same measurements as her, or have a baby of your own. Ranking: ADORBS!


Ever had sleepless nights wondering how Kim (and all the Kardashians for that matter) attains that perfect flirty gaze? Well, now you can put those thoughts to rest. Kim lists the six different brands of lashes she loves, and they happen to be affordable. Ranking: #BLESSED

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The site includes a Q&A with a dude who's obsessed with Kim, and creates illustrations of her. The interview, conducted by her team, is pretty short and irrelevant. "I've been drawing ever since I was little," he says. Ranking: NEXT. 


In the style section, we get to see all of Kim's designer looks, from the recent Givenchy show to a basketball game with her hubby. But under the locked section (for subscribers only), she picks her favorite looks, and we can shop out her looks. There's even a $21 skirt. Who knew a Kardashian could be so thrifty? Ranking: YAS!


What would you ask Kim if you had the chance to ask her anything? Well, in this portion of Ask Kim Anything, a person asks: "How do I attain your look?" to which Kim basically says, "Check out my tutorial." Ranking: C'MON KIM!

Behind the scenes, obviously.

With Kim, there's no such thing as a private moment. Even if it is considered private, that moment, as trivial as it may be, will somehow make its way to your screen at some point. The BTS (behind the scenes) section offers a look into what happens before Kim hits the red-carpet and before a big photoshoot. This vertical feels a lot more real and fascinating. Ranking: VERY COOL

Live stream

The site also has a live streaming component, but you haters, better watch out. Kim will come after you if you're not nice. You've been warned.