Skull makeup and Halloween go together like peanut butter and chocolate. But why wear basic skull makeup when you can rock a super-easy lace skull mask? Especially when it's SO easy to create.

That's right: I said easy. All you need are four products from the dollar store — and the expert guidance of YouTube queen Bethany Zion to show you the way: 

She used water to thin out the white cake from a Dollar Tree face paint kit...

And carved out the bone structure of a skull with a thin brush.

Now it was time to get lacy and Zion went for a floral-inspired design.

Drawing thin lines to connect the main design created the illusion of string.

Dots makes this lace face mask look extra realistic.

It's the little things.

Just in case you forgot this was a skull, drawing on the teeth brought that idea back to life.

The Colormates Brow Powder in Dark Brown worked perfectly as eye shadow for a quick smoky eye...

And to add shading to every part of the white design to get a super cool 3D effect.

Playing with the two tones in the kit with a thinner brush let her add different levels of dimension to the skin.

Liquid liner from L.A Colors and their false lashes in Diva and Dolly added the finishing glamorous touches to the look.


Watch it all come together beautifully from start to finish below.