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Dolores del Río

photo: Getty

Ever since the drop-dead gorgeous Dolores del Río burst onto the silver screen and became the very first Latina cross-over Hollywood star, the American public has been fascinated by Latina beauty. Del Río, born in 1905, made her mark in Hollywood in the 1920s and '30s before she moved back to her native Mexico and became an integral figure in the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema throughout the '40s and '50s. She was known for her social activism and her fierce loyalty to her native country, but here in the U.S. she was known mostly for her physical beauty. George Bernard Shaw once famously said, “The two most beautiful things in the world are the Taj Mahal and Dolores del Río.”

In 1930, when then-famed magazine Photoplay ran a survey to find "the most perfect feminine figure in Hollywood," the choice was unanimously Del Rio. But Del Rio was just one of the first Latinas to change the way we look at beauty here in the United States. Rita Hayworth followed the trail blazed by Del Rio in the 1940s — though many did not realize she was Latina — as did all of the Latina beauties who have been rocking our world since then.