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This past year has been all about the different hair colors and less about the cut. Ranging from stone wash to rainbow, hair has taken a turn for the magical, drawing inspiration from enchanted forests and mystical mermaids. The latest trend, opal hair, is no different, drawing it’s inspiration from the pearly, iridescent stone. Jessica Gonzalez, Colorist at Sally Hershberger Los Angeles explains, "Opal is is a mixture of pastels and metallics. The color really is inspired by the sea — pearl, iridescent pinks, blues, and purples." The effect is achieved by lightening the hair to a light pearly color — think an ashy, vanilla blonde. Pastel colors are then painted on to create a the gorgeous, iridescent look. 

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While you might think this trend emerged from the ocean floor, it was actually created by hair colorist Aura Friedman from Sally Hershberger salon in downtown New York City. With two east coast locations and one in L.A., the opal trend is making quite the splash. Gonzalez says that hair must be light enough for the colors to show and that fading will happen within two to three weeks, so maintenance is important. "Stay away from clarifying shampoo because that will rinse it out faster," she advises.

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However, if you're a dark-haired beauty then Gonzalez recommends an ombré  balayage if you're looking to rock this trend. "Just tone it pearly and add the color of choice.  Any color could work as long as your hair is lifted enough for the color to deposit.  Keep in mind, blue and lavender shades are typically the hardest because the hair must be lifted to white."

If your looking to dive into the opal hair trend, check out some inspiration from these Instagram beauties using the hashtag #opalhair, below.