Being flawless on Instagram isn't easy. From style basics to strategy, here is every major key on the journey to Instagram success.

A MAC makeup degree...

With a major in highlighting.

Seriously, if you're wondering why so many of your faves have similar styles, it's because they had the same training.

Nails that are incredibly manicured at all times.

The most killer fashion...

Brought to you in part by love from major Instagram boutiques.

And OMG, shoes!

Have the perfect lighting follow you around at all times.

An uncanny ability to look candid.

Hollywood-level location scouting abilities.

And a million frequent flyer miles.

A very strict color palette and story line that all photos must follow.

We're talking Pantone swatches and story boards people.

A flawless Instagram husband with a Master's in photography.

Apparently you can even hire one these days.

At least three photo-editing apps on deck at all times.

Do you speak Facetune?

A network of other perfect Instagrammers to slay with in photos (and cross-promote your personal brands with).

A phantom Instagram account to play with and ensure perfection in every way before your final photo selection hits the masses.

A spotless home without a spec of dust or item out of place.

Lots of marble to photograph any group of items that show off their impeccable taste...

And white sheets too.

Texture, texture, texture!

We can't forget the bougiest of candles either.

Bonus points if you use them to display peonies.

Adorable pets that will make you stop in the midst of even the most feverish scroll.

A love of flowers and all kinds of foliage — because every photo can't be a selfie or outfit of the day.

Unbreakable confidence.

And last but not least, the undying love of supporters like us who appreciate their hard work.

Thanks for making our lives a little more beautiful, one photo at a time.