Scorpion manicures are officially a thing, and no, we're not referring to a scorpion decal on your nails. These are real scorpions placed on someone's actual nail. The manicures, which first gained popularity last October, originated in Durango, Mexico, and started with scorpion artisan Lupita Garcia, who was looking for a way to show her enthusiasm for the creature she loves. She enlisted the help of nail salon owner RocĂ­o Vidales to help her actualize her vision.

The process takes between 30 and 40 minutes. After the scorpion is placed on the nail, a coat of acrylic is placed on top to secure it. Just like other gel application, the nails are then placed in a UV nail dryer. 

The tiny scorpions are killed with bug spray before being applied to the client's hand, but Julio Cesar Ramirez, M.D., insists they're still dangerous, telling the Daily Mail, "The scorpions remain venomous after they have died." That's enough to give us pause, considering effects of a scorpion sting can range from mild (site swelling) to severe (accelerated heart rate), or worse, death. This is just another sign that people are willing to go to any length to look their best.

Step-by-step application

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