It's been well over a year since MAC dropped its iconic Selena Quintanilla collaboration, and TBH, we've been feeling deprived ever since. However, a little Instagram stalking reveals that the Queen's legacy may also live on in the form of a new fragrance.

Though Selena stans were #blessed with a cosmetics line, they were never given an official custom fragrance as they always hoped for.

selena quintanilla
photo: Instagram/selenalaleyenda

But one big-time Quintanilla lover, who boasts a collection of Selena-inspired stuff, wanted to clear the air about the confusion surrounding some random "Selena" perfumes circulating the Internet.

Selena-obsessed IG user @andrew.selena.collection shared this photo of a perfume that is clearly inspired by the Queen of Tejano, but isn't an official fragrance.

"Good morning! I've had a lot of fans ask about this perfume. This was never released by Selena or Q-productions! I know this because Suzette told me it was a fake item herself. This was a knockoff perfume kinda like the ones you can buy today at some stores! The more you know!!" he explained.

Though it's not a perfume with the stamp of approval from the Quintanilla family, it's still a pretty cool collector's item, just like this Selena Forever one...

Selena Forever Perfume! #SelenaQuintanilla

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...and this Amor Prohibido version.

Selena Amor Prohibido Perfume! #SelenaQuintanilla

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There's even a Bidi Bidi Bom Bom scent.

Selena Bidi Bidi Bom Bom Perfume! #SelenaQuintanilla

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A few are available on eBay (for a pretty hefty price... ) despite them allegedly being discontinued years ago.

Hey, we'll work with what we can get!

Before her death, Selena was supposedly working on her own makeup and fragrance line, which inspired the Mac x Selena collab.

In 2013, LA radio personality Patty Rodriguez started the process of lobbying for the makeup line. In 2015, she launched a petition on to persuade the makeup company to act on the opportunity.

Since Mac's success, SQ began another petition – this time, for the perfume. The petition explains that Selena herself reportedly chose the three samples for the perfumes, which her family later released. All of the fragrances were later discontinued by the production company.

It's happened before, so who says it can't happen again?

The fragrance petition has since been closed, but that doesn't mean all hope is lost regarding Quintanilla products to come.