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spray-on nail polish
photo: Elysia Berman

Painting your nails is a time commitment, can we all agree? For some, it's the actual painting that takes forever and a day; the concentration that goes into getting polish on your nail bed and not your cuticle is intense. For others, it's that they have to essentially sit still for 2-plus hours after the top coat goes on to prevent smudges. But what if we told you that there is a much faster, slightly easier way to paint your nails? Hello, nail spray.

Next month, China Glaze is launching a Coloured Nail Spray, which looks just like a can of spray paint, and honestly, the technique is almost the same. Instead of painting the lacquer onto your nails, you spray layers of it onto your nail bed. Confused? We tried it out to show you exactly how to use it.