Woman at work
photo: Corbis

Everyone wants to get noticed – especially at work. You didn’t bust your butt through college to sit in a cubicle working an entry-level, low-paying job for your entire life! Have months (or even years) passed without a promotion?

It takes more than hard work to get ahead, so we’ve narrowed down some tactics to help you do just that. Here are six simple ways to get your boss’ attention – without looking like you’re trying too hard!


Stand out

If you want to get noticed at work, you absolutely HAVE to separate yourself from the pack. Develop an area of expertise. Maybe you’re the only social media pro or Excel maven at your office? The key is to let it be known, chica, and show how your skills will help increase productivity.


Speak up

Let your coworkers and supervisors know you’re an opinionated gal. Showcase your ideas and interests! This will in turn boost your confidence and make you part of interesting conversations at the office.


Take on more responsibility

Ready for a promotion? Then prove it by offering to take on more tasks. We recommend scheduling a meeting with your boss to explain that you are ready to handle more. She’ll be thrilled – believe us!


Get social

Contrary to popular belief, people actually like having friends at work. No one wants to work with someone they can’t jive with outside the office. Try getting personal with your boss by sharing some of your interests or grabbing lunch with her every so often. But don’t get TOO personal, of course. They don’t want to hear about your crazy ex or your recent fight with mami – NOT OK!


Attend events

If there’s a company happy hour, lunch event, or birthday party – make sure to be there! Bosses want to promote likable people (yes, we’re serious).


Keep your boss up-to-date

Setting up weekly or biweekly check-ins. It’s a great way to develop visibility, get feedback, and showcase your skills regularly. Be sure to take notes afterward, you’re going to want to pull these out when you’re ready to talk about a promotion or raise.