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New year, new job? Career website Glassdoor recently released its annual list of the Top 50 Places to Work for in 2016, and if there was one thing we learned it's that a lot can change in a year. For instance, Airbnb — the home-sharing company — took the top spot, dethroning giant tech Google. The list rates the companies based on employee feedback. But what were the common themes among the winners? Perks, benefits, company's missions, cultural values, and a motivating environment were highly rated by employees. We know why they are the best companies to work for — and many are currently hiring — but before you decide to switch your career path and further your job search, take a gander at what these highly sought-after companies look for in a candidate.

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Bain & Compnay


1. Strong interpersonal skills and team player attitude: "A Bainie never lets another Bainie fail."

2. In-depth experience in field, 3+ years and "leadership experience, deep analytical skills, and being comfortable around clients" are preferred. 

3. Ability to work productively in a fast-paced environment, both independently and as part of a team.



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1. Mentor and leadership skills. 

2. Strong problem-solving abilities. 

3. Dedication and commitment: "Yes, we have challenges, but you can feel everyone working together towards a common goal." – Eri Mowen, senior QA engineer



1. Resourceful and tenacious candidates. 

2. A dual-minded approach: highly creative, but also process-driven

3. Laser focus and tremendous work ethic, as well as being passionate about your work.



1. Someone who stands apart from the crowd and, when it comes to engineers, people who can build their own app and like to start cool projects.

2. Autonomy and self-motivated people who don't need a lot of direction.

3. People who "just get the social space" – Thomas Arnold, head of recruiting, candidates who not only understand the product, but see the company's vision.



1. Strong negotiation skills.

2. Candidates who are proactive and relentless, indepently seek information in an unstructured envirronment.

3. Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.


Boston Consulting Group

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1. Ability to understand problems from a client's point of view.

2. High energy, driven individuals, "new ideas are always welcome."

3. Foreign language skills and outstanding academic credentials.



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1. Emergent leadership and strong opinionated people, willingness to take charge when required and not take charge when not. Ex: If asked, "What would you have for dinner?" Never answer, "I don't mind." 

2. Having a "learned ability," being able to process on the fly, a.k.a. quick thinking.

3. Humility and ownership.

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Nestle Purina Petcare

1. Challengers and thinkers who appreciate a work/life balance.

2. Influence and ability to mantain strong relationships.

3. Excellent communication and analytical skills, and of course avid pet lovers who care.



1. Friendly and approachable individuals with excellent customer service skills.

2. Strong quantitative, analytical, and problem-solving skills.

3. Possess a high energy, strong desire to achieve top results with a charismatic, positive “can-do” attitude.