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It’s no secret — Latinas are a force to be reckoned with! With Latinas expected to become thirty percent of the entire U.S. female population, we continue to make major strides in education and various career sectors. Can you imagine what we can do if we work together to empower and motivate each other? Well luckily, there are numerous Latina professional networks and organizations that do just that. Joining a Latina professional network has many long-term professional and personal benefits that can help you achieve your career goals.

Enhance Your Skill Set
As part of your membership, many Latina professional networks offer access to webinars or hold conferences to share the latest news in your career sector or host speakers. These organizations may also send out weekly newsletters or provide resources to articles or journals written by experts in your field. All these resources will enhance your skill set which will make you a more valuable employee and help take you to the next level in your career.

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Networking Opportunities
Latina professional networks also typically host events throughout the year to help you connect with your peers. These connections can prove invaluable particularly if they can assist you in the job searching process. At these events, you may meet a future employer, a future client, or future co-worker who can vouch for you during an interview process. As Latina professionals, we are typically the minority in the office so anytime we can bring more diversity to the company and help a fellow Latina, we’re all for it!

Find or Become A Mentor
Professional organizations also offer the opportunity to build a strong relationship with a fellow member as a mentor or mentee. Networking can be beneficial to helping you land a job but a mentor-mentee relationship can assist you with all things career related. A mentor can provide advice on negotiating salary, dealing with a difficult boss, or what steps to take to land the job of your dreams. Plus, a Latina mentor can also provide guidance on topics that other mentors cannot — how to handle the in’s and out’s of being a minority woman in your career sector. Only a fellow Latina can fully understand issues such as cultural identity and battling stereotypes in the workplace.

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Give Back to the Community
Along with providing career and professional networking services, several Latina organizations also provide opportunities to give back to the community. Opportunities can include minority scholarship contests, fundraising events for non-profits, or speaking at schools with low-income Latino students. For the busy career woman, participating in these events alongside other Latina professionals is a wonderful way to empower our community and remind us of the good we can do in this world if we work together.

Joining a professional network offers many career benefits such as networking opportunities and continued education courses. However, Latina professional organizations also offer a more personal benefit, which can also positively affect our careers. If we continue to empower and work together, Latinas will continue to be a force to be reckoned as we become the powerful women we were meant to be. ¡Junto podemos!

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