photo: Botanika

Fashion designer Nathalie Farfan has just returned from Paris Fashion Week where she launched Botanika. The New Jersey native debuted her Summer/Spring 2016 collection, which she also presented at New York Fashion Week. The womenswear line is full of wonder and mystic, a sensibility that Farfan knows all too well. Botanika, however, is more than just a fashion line — it’s a lifestyle brand that brings together style and La Brujas Club, a movement Farfan is just as passionate about.

“Botanika exists to create a conversation about this unique woman, this mysterious person who owns her moment,” Farfan says. “Our woman is bold and fierce and Botanika and La Brujas Club is a lifestyle — a movement. Botanika dresses the woman's body and La Brujas Club feeds the woman's' soul.”

photo: Botanika

What exactly is La Brujas Club? “La Brujas Club is a community of very strong women who own their uniqueness and their intuitive powers,” Farfan explains. “La Brujas Club is a way for me to connect with other empowered women. The truth is, we all are born with our designated powers, and learning how to embrace them and use them for good is what makes you a fellow Bruja. The art of sharing these powers and inspiring one another is the true beauty of this and I hope La Brujas Club can be the platform used to share, inspire and collaborate.”

Farfan’s line is the catalyst to all of her ventures and as a trendsetter from the get-go, her chic and effortless style has always attracted the masses. Her debut collection is a blend of preppy-goth style — from sexy metallic dresses to sheer long sleeve tops — with underlying shades of pink and tons of black. She also admits that as a kid, she’d dress like a member of the Wu-Tang Clan, “When my mother wasn't around.”

photo: Nathalie Farfan

The subject of her mother is very close to her collection, as she was the main inspiration. At the age of 15, Farfan lost her mother and she turned to fashion to deal with her loss. “I created Botanika to feel like I’m still alive, to create all the while thinking my mum would have loved to help design this or that,” Farfan says, adding that her mom lived for fashion. “She owned her own boutique when I was a child and I remember thinking, "This lady loves these fashion garments more than me." I learned a lot from this.”

Farfan’s sophisticated and feminine aesthetic is currently inspired by brands like Céline, Comme des Garçons, and The Row. Though ultimately, she always falls back on the American classics — such as Ralph Lauren, DKNY and Betsey Johnson — and hopes to gain that type of notability with her own label. “My main goal when making a collection is to make a women feel timeless, unique and know she's dressed in yummy textiles,” Farfan says.

photo: Botanika