Comfortable high heel
photo: Bloomberg Business

Dolly Singh, founder and CEO of the fashion-technology company Thesis Couture, has a rocket scientist, astronaut, orthopedic surgeon, and fashion scientist working to solve one of society’s toughest, centuries-old quandaries: how to make high heels comfortable. “From an engineering and design standpoint, it’s a physics problem,” she tells Bloomberg Business. 

Singh says she was motivated to create such a design after busting up her feet wearing beautiful but confining pumps to work. In her early 30s, she worked at an aerospace manufacturing firm that had extensive grounds, which she had to traverse frequently. “And it just got to a point where this was an important enough problem in my actual life that I figured, Don’t complain — do something,” she says. Check out the clip above to see what else goes into these high-tech high heels.