Someone needs to teach Dolce & Gabbana a lesson in cultural appropriation because the designets don't seem to get it. Their latest mishap? A new pair of sandals available for pre-order for $2,395 that they actually named the "Slave Sandal." Seriously, how does something like this happen?

The gladiator-style sandal features bright-colored pompoms and embellishments that likely are supposed to replicate the gladiator-style sandals that were worn in ancient Rome. And yes, slaves probably did wear gladiators back then, but more reason not to name your sandal that. They really couldn't have just gone with gladiators? We don't get it.

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Interestingly enough, on Dolce & Gabbana's actual site the shoe was referred to as the "Bianca" in the description. But the hyperlink reads: Slave Sandal In Napa Leather With Pompoms. At least that's what was there before D&G decided to take down the page from the website. Go figure.

Crazy thing is, this is far from the first time the brand has done something like this. Just last year it sparked controversy over the Spring 2016 runway show in Milan that showed only Asian models rocking the runway wearing Chinese-inspired outfits. Really, though? For the Spring 2013 show, the designers received a ton of backlash for having models wear "blackamoor" earrings that depicted black African slave women.

We thought D&G was finally making strides after releasing its line of hijabs and abayas. But it looks like the Italian high-fashion brand still has a lot to learn when it comes to cultural appropriation. Calling a pair of sandals "Slave Sandals" is not okay by any means and certainly not something that should still be happening in 2016. Come on, we all know better than that by now. We can only hope this will be the last offense we'll be seeing from D&G moving forward.

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