Jesus, take the wheel! Fashion designer Michael Costello, who creates gorgeous pieces for everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Celine Dion, is venting about the real-life requests he receives from clients by posting dozens of the encounters on Instagram.

From 3 am messages asking him to FaceTime...


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...Costello's inbox is almost too absurd to believe.

Book your glam accordingly

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My dress has to be perfect

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According to Costello, there is nothing fake about these posts, and fans who don't like his new social strategy can exit to the left.

"A lot of you have been wondering what's been going on with my Instagram page and questioning my current mental state of mind," he wrote on Instagram. "Well, here's my confession: As a fashion designer and a businessman who runs one of the largest fashion brands in today's market, I've learned very early on in my career to put 'customers first.' This wasn't always easy, but I've made it my mission as making women look and feel beautiful was the reason why I even got into fashion. Throughout the past couple of decades, I've received some of the strangest, oddest, and funniest messages that really test me and question my own sanity, LOL! Everything I post here is real, and prior to posting, that individual client has received a personal message from me, requesting for permission to share their story.

Not that it's any of your business when I post or what I choose to post... I did notice that there's a decline on my page when it comes to followers commenting on my gowns and dresses. I wanted to take a break mentally and just share some silly real-life stories just to make you all laugh.... and it's been working. So many of you have been commenting about how much my 'client's posts' have made your day and it makes me happy to know I made at least one person laugh out of my miserable experiences.

And don't worry about me — I haven't lost my mind... yet, and my business is doing better than ever. Sales are skyrocketing and so is the engagement of my postings. 

On this lovely Friday, just chill, relax, and ENJOY this humorous side of me because I'm real and relatable. This is who I am. If you don't like these posts, then unfollow me and follow those other people who sell fit teas or strapless push-up bras..... BLOOP. - MC"

The designer is not apologizing for low-key dragging clients.

Acting like they commented ????????

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And it doesn't seem to be going over that bad, because in addition to his business doing better than ever, some clients are even asking him to post their messages.

Girl! I don't know you like that

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Maybe his blind items will teach clients to be less crazy with their demands.

Or maybe not.

Gas money

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For now, we at least get to laugh at his pain and live vicariously through him when someone gets on our nerves at work.