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Get ready folks, this is a yummy Full Moon. Within this Piscean moon, we straddle the threshold of freedom and commitment — whether we want to invest ourselves in something or someone, rather than being a free spirit and enjoying what comes. Do our choices enslave us to the tiny self or align us with the higher one? Do we honor the shared vision as we forge ahead, or seek only to suit our own path?

We are here to live, love, and laugh. The world is changing, and challenges will constantly be present. To shift with those changes is the very essence of awakening.

Sustainably energize your body with our Mushroom Potion!

Energizing Potion

Herbs: Chaga

Optional: Coffee


In 1/2 a cup of water add 2 tablespoons of Chaga. Slowly cook on the stove top for about 20 minutes, allowing the mushroom to infuse into the water. Strain and save your liquid. (Store in a refrigerator if you do not use same day.) Make a regular cup of coffee (it can be French press, drip, or however you make yours) and add 2-3 tablespoons of your Chaga liquid concentrate.

Not a coffee drinker? No problem! Chaga is already like coffee. Add your choice of milk to your Chaga liquid (add more hot water if it's too strong) and your choice of sweetener. You would never have imagined mushroom coffee could taste this good!

Medicinal Properties:

Spiritually: Energizes the spirit.

Emotionally: Clears the mind.

Physically: Widens the blood vessels and protects the immune system.

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Our very own botanist, Adriana Ayales is a rainforest herbalist from Costa Rica who has dedicated her craft to developing unique herbal blends and medicinal elixirs for holistic health. She is the owner of Botica NYC, a community watering hole in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, open to those seeking healthy remedies for common issues. Every week, she brings a new a recipe for health, happiness, and well-being to in our #PotionOfTheWeek column.

Adriana Ayales is a Founding Creator and botanist. When she's not writing for, you can find her at the apothecary Botica & Co. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.