The struggle is real when you're a curvy woman shopping for a pair of jeans. If your waist is narrower than your hips, you're very familiar with the dreaded gap in the back. You're forced to either go to a tailor or mask the issue with a belt, which will only end up bunching the material underneath. 

But that's a thing of the past thanks to Dominican fashion designer Cenia Paredes, who came up with a genius innovation to eliminate this fashion pet peeve.

"Having a pear-shaped figure (meaning I'm bottom heavy and smaller from the waist up), [meant] I could never find jeans on the market that would fit right as they tend to be big on the waist," Paredes told MamásLatinas.

"There is always that gap at the back waist, and when belted, the fabric bunches up. They also tend to be too low at the back rise due to the more pronounced derrière," she added.

Paredes' research confirmed she was not alone. According to MamásLatinas, the designer found that 30 percent of women have a waist that is significantly smaller than their hips.

"So I set to solve this problem and developed a jean with two zippered darts at the back waist, making it about two inches smaller than jeans on the market," she said.

"But since I didn't want to exclude anyone, when the zippers are down, the waist measurements becomes that of standard jeans, and zippers serve as a style detail. So it's convertible!"

But the designer didn't just solve the dreaded waist gap problem with her patent-pending ConVi jeans. Paredes also purposely selected a stretchy fabric for the high-waisted jeans that will enhance your figure by hugging you in all the right places.

If this is what the #ConviEffect looks like, sign us up!

The jeans are available in an indigo and medium wash, and are available in letter sizes that will fit if you're between a 0-18.

They retail for $99, but solving that waist gap denim problem is priceless if these jeans live up to its claims. You can shop them here.