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The only thing better than eating avocado is knowing that this delicious food is actually good for you — or so we thought. For the past few years, all we’ve been hearing is how healthy they are. Avocados are loaded with fiber, potassium, they lower cholesterol, and according to a study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, they’re good for your heart. But the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced this week that it will be redefining what makes a food “healthy” in efforts to update the current guidelines, which were written in the '90s. And according to the proposed new guidelines, avocados may not be considered that “healthy.”  

Okay, before you freak out and throw all your avocados away (because that would be devastating), here's how the proposed criteria breaks down: According to The Wall Street Journal, the FDA is basically going to be asking food experts, as well as the public, to comment on what foods should fall under the modern definition of healthy. 

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“We believe now is an opportune time to re-evaluate regulations concerning nutrient content claims, generally including the term, 'healthy,'” the FDA said in a statement to the Wall Street Journal. Moving forward, in order for a food to be marketed as healthy, it needs to meet certain levels in five of the following criteria: fat, saturated fat, sodium, cholesterol, and beneficial nutrients and vitamins.

Based on these new guidelines, avocados wouldn’t be generally marked as “healthy” because of how much fat they contain. But that’s not to say they aren't actually healthy. Like we mentioned before, avocados contain a ton of nutrients and help reduce cholesterol levels. All it means right now is that they don't fit the modern criteria of what would be considered “healthy fat." The FDA is still working on updating the guidelines, and it can take years before they're finally finalized, so sit tight. At least for the near future, we'll continue to enjoy our avocados. 

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