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You’ve finally joined a gym or found the fitness studio of your dreams. Not only have you signed up, you’re going regularly and can’t imagine how you ever lived without it. Besides your new active lifestyle, you’re eating more greens, less arroz, and more quinoa. It’s safe to say you have this healthy thing going in the right direction. 

Whether you’re into spinning or yoga, there’s a right way to replenish nutrients lost during your workout. According to Lauren Antonucci, RDN and Board Certified Sports Dietician at Nutrition Energy in New York City, feeding your body after your workout is more vital than you think. “During the first 30 minutes to two hours post exercise the muscles are primed and ready to accept and restock energy in the form of carbs or muscle glycogen,” she explains. To put it simply, during this window, you should eat to aid the body in muscle recovery. Antonucci adds, “The first meal after an intense workout should be nutritionally balanced and made up of carbohydrates and protein.”

We’ve taken the guesswork out and created a list of yummy foods you’ll enjoy to help you stay on track with your health goals. Check out the best post-workout snacks you should be eating below.