Cold and flu remedy
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Your body is extremely resilient and adaptive under a variety of conditions, but it cannot accomplish the demands of whatever happens to be thrown its way without proper nutrition and physiological support. Stress and fatigue tend to be a huge struggle for just about everyone, causing detrimental effects to your physical and mental health. We are at that time of year, where the change of seasons hits everyone with a mild or severe cold. Anytime the weather changes, we need to go the extra mile with our immune-boosting medicines and little self-care rituals that keep us healthy.

Prevent chronically elevated cortisol levels generated by over-stressing and over-working with a turmeric-based potion. There is no need to burn our adrenals, kill your digestive track with badly chosen foods, and anxious behavior. Sit back and relax a bit. We are coming towards the end of the year, a time to contemplate all that you’ve done and what is there left to do. Create daily goals that aren’t too overwhelming, so you can get things done and still feel good.

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The best kind of herbs to drink are immune boosters and adaptogens. These two are the best kind of plant categories you can drink because they boost your white blood cell production and all your major organs, while balancing, restoring, and protecting your body as a whole. Adaptogens are a particular class of miracle superherbs named because of their distinctive ability to ‘adapt’ their function according to your body’s needs. An adaptogen does not have a specific action, nor target a certain body region, rather it benefits the body as a whole, being able to respond to any influence or stressor that it needs to.

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Immunity Potion

1 Tsp apple cider vinegar

1 Tsp powdered turmeric

1 Tsp lemon juice

1 Tsp cats claw extract

1 Tsp pau d’ arco

1-2 Tsp mushroom blend (powdered or as an extract: reishi, shiitake, maiitake, chaga)

1 Tsp of coconut oil

4-6 oz of filtered water or raw coconut water

A pinch of cayenne

A pinch of Himalayan pink salt

Mix all ingredients in a blender and enjoy.

Mental Benefits: Loosens stubborn patterns.

Emotional Benfits: Releases anxious, trapped emotions.

Physical Benefits: Anti-inflammatory

Adriana Ayales is a Founding Creator and botanist. When she's not writing for, you can find her at the apothecary Botica & Co. in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.