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How to lose weight with the NIH BMI planner.
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Everyone who knows me or gets me started on the topic of health knows how I feel about the Body Mass Index (BMI) scale. Personally, I am very skeptical of anything that uses BMI as an indicator of health, since there are so many variants for why someone would fall within the wrong BMI. It’s just an indicator, which is where its flaws lie as a form of measurement in health, in my opinion. It can’t be the end all, be all in determining your health, and it’s a lazy way to see if you’re at a healthy weight. Also, it’s rough as a 14-year-old to be told you’re on the brink of becoming overweight.  

In my eyes, it does more harm than help. Which is why I was so excited when the National Institutes of Health (NIH) introduced a Body Weight Planner earlier this year. I am fully supportive making lifestyle changes to improve your health, and this program offers planning tools to get you there . . . for free. Instead of just calculating BMI, it takes things a step further from your weight and your height and allows you to set a goal and acknowledge how you want to accomplish it. 

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So just for you, I decided to try this out six weeks before I wanted to reach my goal weight. My sister’s wedding is in a month, and I’m hoping to spend less on alterations to the dress and more on the perfect shoes. Here's what I found at each step: