How to order a healthy cocktil
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With the holiday season how in full swing, it’s impossible to avoid the work, friend, and family parties with endlessly flowing alcohol and champagne towers. The pressure to order a cocktail in these social situations is high, especially when everyone else around you is partaking and there’s an open bar calling your name. 

Before you are peer-pressured into drinking the liquid holiday cheer, though, follow these rules to help keep your empty calories in check. 

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● Stick to your own signature drink. Avoid the “house special” and choose your regular drink with fewer calories. The specialty drink may be the cheaper option, but it’s best to avoid sipping carbs that will head straight to your waistline. By ordering your own drink, you will be certain you like it and the extra dollar or two will be worth it in the end. 
According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, women should not consume more than three drinks per day or seven drinks per week to stay within the low-risk drinking category. The low-risk category is a safe-limits category for health problems or other issues as a result of alcohol. Everyone’s body reacts to alcohol differently, but keeping within this recommended range should minimize any potential issues. Always be smart about when and where you drink and keep an eye on your friends! 

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I’m not a fan of these to begin with as I only drink almond milk, but mixing ingredients like cream, milk, and eggnog to a drink can only increase the amount of calories (over 300 per glass of coquito) and add to bloating. Not an ideal situation when you’re wearing a form-fitting tight party dress. 

Greatist put together a handy infographic to make choosing a healthier cocktail easier, organizing each brand by calorie count. It also included estimated calories (per 1.5 oz. serving) and calories from alcohol (CFA), which determines the percentage of calories that come from pure alcohol, opposed to sugar or carbs. The higher the CFA percentage, the faster you will feel tipsy. 

● Seltzer water is your new best friend. With zero calories and zero carbs, it’s the best base for any drink you’re going to pair it with. Throw a little tequila or vodka and a lime with it and you have the perfect signature drink at under 100 calories.

Are there any other holiday drinking hacks you follow? Add them to the comments below!

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