As our presidential hopefuls continue to debate on immigration reform, one Los Angeles teen is reminding us just how important the Latino immigrant story is, not just for the families who live through it, but for our country as a whole.

César Arévalo came to the United States with his family from El Salvador when he was just five years old. Back then, the now high school senior didn’t speak a word of English, but that didn’t stop him from embracing the challenges and fully taking advantage of every challenge and opportunity that came his way.

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Over a period of about six months I started adapting,” Arévalo told ABC 7. “By the end of that year actually, I competed in the spelling bee and got third place.”

Today, Arévalo is at the top of his class at Baldwin High School and has already been accepted into 11 colleges, including six Ivy Leagues (NBD, right?). "That was pretty incredible to find out I'd been accepted to all of them," he said in the interview.

Judging by his Facebook page, Arévalo looks to be an avid runner, too. Maybe that’s part of what helps him stay focused and disciplined.

Besides having an obvious determination on his own, we’re going to guess a great family support system had something to do with it, especially because both of Arévalo’s older siblings were also academic standouts. They both graduated from UC Berkeley. Remarkable!

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"[I'm] so glad we had the opportunity to come to this nation, and it's so great that our children have achieved so much. We're so proud of them," said his father, César Arévalo, Sr. “Honestly, I believe that everybody deserves the right to be part of this.”

We couldn’t agree more.