It's going to take some time to really digest what happened at the Orlando nightclub this past weekend, but there's one thing that has crossed everyone's minds since news broke of the shooting: What would I do in that situation? Because the unfortunate truth is that this could happen to anyone, anywhere, and, what's worse, the U.S. is home to nearly a "third of the world's mass shootings" according to CNN. But if you ever are in this situation you should know how to survive and possibly help others. Here are some tips from the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department on how to survive an active shooter. 

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Find a safe exit

photo: YouTube/LA County Sheriff's Dept.

Do not stay in one place and make sure when you do move it's with purpose. Meaning, to get away from or out of the situation. Use cover as you move, something will stop a bullet, the video suggests. 


Help others

photo: YouTube/LA County Sheriff's Dept.

But only if you don't put yourself in danger, says the video. And move to safe place. 


If you can't get out, find a safe place

photo: YouTube/LA County Sheriff's Dept.

Especially one you can lock down. Get to a room and barricade the doors, turn off the lights, and move away from any windows. Most importantly, put your cell phone on silent. 


Never alert the shooter to your presence

photo: YouTube/LA County Sheriff's Dept.

Ever. Even if you think it will distract them or help you in any way — stay down and stay quiet. 


You might have to defend yourself

photo: YouTube/LA County Sheriff's Dept.

In case you can't find a safe location, while this is the last resort, defending yourself might be your only chance to survive. 


Use anything in your reach

photo: YouTube/LA County Sheriff's Dept.

Almost anything can be an improvised weapon, the video says, so find something that will obstruct the shooter's ability to see or control their weapon. 


When police do come, be cautious

photo: YouTube/LA County Sheriff's Dept.

Meaning when you do see law enforcement, keep your hands up and approach them with serious caution, as their first priority is to take down the active shooter.