Kids have already vocalized their fears of their families being detained and deported under Donald Trump's updated immigration policies; some of them have already lived through that trauma

Their worries are valid and, unfortunately, now they've become the targets of federal agents too.

Two US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) officials visited an elementary school looking for a fourth grader but couldn’t make it past the front security desk.

According to New York Daily News, the incident occurred at Public School 58 — aka The School of Heroes — in Maspeth, Queens.

The school refused their entry because they did not have warrants; they were following a New York City policy that was put in place just two months ago. 

NYC mayor Bill de Blasio made it clear that the policy was implemented to help lessen the panic parents were experiencing due to an increase in Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids. “We want to be very clear to parents that we’re not allowing ICE agents in the building because I think parents are so afraid right now. They’re worried that an agent could literally come into the building and single out their child," he said

After news broke, De Blasio posted a video of the city's schools chancellor to address and comfort families who were shaken by what happened and nervous about their children's safety.

"In our schools we protect our students and our families and want to reassure parents that no information is ever given to any federal agent that is not something that would not go through a special process," Carmen Fariña said.

De Blasio's press secretary, Eric Phillips, also confirmed that the mayor would be meeting with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to talk about occurrence.

De Blasio wanted clarity on whether DHS would continue sending agents to public schools, Observer reports.

A USCIS spokesperson did confirm that two officials were at the school and explained that the visit was for an "immigration benefit."

"Although school visits are not routine in these circumstances, they are not unprecedented. I must emphasize that the purpose of the visit was to verify certain facts about the student’s enrollment in relation to a request for an immigration benefit. At no time did the officers ask to see or speak with the student, who was not the subject of the administrative inquiry," the statement given to local CBS news read.

While the news is startling, it isn't the first time children have been affected by immigration practices in place.

A NYC school turned away immigration agents who came looking for a fourth grader
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In March, thousands of children were too scared to go to school after an ICE raid. 

Although USCIS officers cannot arrest someone like ICE agents can, it doesn't minimize the stress the families and kids of PS 58 are now facing.