The might actually be a way to escape the Kardashians without having to disconnect from your social media accounts or flee to a faraway island. A new app called KardBlocker promises to remove all stories about the reality TV family from your feed. It’s running on beta for now, but it’s expected to be up soon. The app’s developers say that they hope to make all the noise surrounding the famous clan go away to bring awareness to more serious issues, so we made a list of other things we’d like to see banished from our feeds.

Hate-Mongering Trolls: Veiled by the obscurity that a social media handle or an avatar provides online, there are people who trash others so viciously that that their victims feel the need to shut down their social media accounts altogether. Robin William's 29-year-old daughter Zelda Williams was driven off Twitter after being bombarded with harrowing messages about her deceased father. Really? No, really?

Cyber Bullies: More than 25 percent of teens have been bullied at one point or another through their cell phones or the Internet. This taunting can cause irreparable harm, pushing some teens like 18-year-old Tyler Clementi at Rutgers University, to kill themselves. Stop the hate!

Stories That Bash Women’s Bodies: Nobody is immune from this – not even a skinny Minnie like Selena Gomez, who recently was chided in the media for looking plumper than usual. So we’re not all Twiggy and never will be – get over it.

Worst-Dressed Lists: Joan Rivers was pretty damn funny on the Fashion Police, but now it seems like everyone has the poetic license to tear apart what someone is wearing. You try fitting into a sample-size dress and being photographed from a million angles at once! Let people wear what makes them feel beautiful.

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