A.B. Quintanilla did not appear at a new court date on Friday over the child support case that landed him on the Nueces County Sheriff's Office Top 10 Most Wanted list in Texas. And while the musician refuses to comment on the gritty details about the parties involved, the hearing resulted in new details being revealed by his camp to explain why he hasn't made a payment since the alleged $16.84 he provided in September 2015.

The hearing was arranged by his lawyer, William Dudley. He was under the impression that it was unnecessary for his client to appear, but the judge wasn't having it. The warrant for his arrest was not dismissed.

"I'm not going to withdraw the warrant," said Judge Missy Medary, according to the Corpus Christi Caller-Times. "If he gets arrested, he gets arrested."

Summer Clary, Quintanilla's ex and the mother of his 18-year-old child, was present in court, solving the mystery of which ex was suing him over the missing child support payments.

Footage from Primer Impacto showed that she was clearly annoyed Quintanilla didn't show up, complaining that she missed a day of work to be there. 

"Like I said, I'm a professional, so for me to get out of work is an act of God. So I'm unhappy that I came all the way over here and he can't bother to show up," Clary said, according to Corpus Christi's KIII-TV. "But I continue to fight for my son for what he deserves, and that's why I'm here."

According to the Caller-Times, Karen Marvel, the lawyer representing Clary, confirmed that the sum the musician allegedly owes is over $87,000.

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But Quintanilla's team said he doesn't owe a dime. "Mr. Quintanilla paid all the child support he was supposed to pay. There is a legal issue regarding if there is additional amount of money owed," Dudley said.

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"There is a question of whether or not the mother was living with the child at the time. Those issues need to be worked out. Mr. Quintanilla was not going to pay child support to the mom when the child was living somewhere else, but those are all things we are going to work out," he added.

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Is this the jaw-dropping detail Quintanilla mentioned in his TVyNovelas interview?

Dudley says his client's prepared to pay whatever amount the court determines he owes. According to the Caller-Times, Dudley said Quintanilla is "going to pay all of the child support that he's ordered and supposed to pay. And as soon as we know what that amount is, I have a feeling he's going to write a cashier's check for the full amount."

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Quintanilla's next hearing has been scheduled for August 16.

You can watch coverage of Friday's court proceedings below.