photo: Giphy
By now you’ve probably listened to Adele’s "Hello" so many times you mindlessly find yourself singing it without realizing. No need to feel ashamed because you're not alone — the rest of the world is obsessed with the song so much, that covers of the ballad are surfacing left and right all over the Web.
The latest to take the Internet by storm is a video uploaded by a Korean high school student at the Seoul Music High School. We thought we were done with the crying, but this cover takes us right back. We're adding this one to the list of amazing covers — just be sure you have tissues handy as you scroll through the list.

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The scholar

Not once do we see her open her eyes, but maybe that's just what it takes to get the painful message across. Girl, we feel you.


Leroy Sanchez

We could find ourselves listening to this rendition multiple times a day. 


Alice Olivia

The voice-multiplying effect in here is captivating. 


Doug Panton

His singing will give you the feels. 


Meghan Tonjes

This acoustic version is just as emotional as the original.


Jervy Hou

We may have just stumbled upon our new favorite duo.

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Mackenzie Johnson

We love this setting just as much as her voice. 



Get ready for some tears.


Connie Talbot

No matter how many times you listen to this song, it's always just as emotional.