You many not have heard of Ali Wong yet, but if you’ve ever seen the hit ABC series , Fresh Off the Boat, then you’re already familiar with her comedy as she’s one of the hilarious sitcom’s brilliant writers. 

Now, the writer and comedian is coming out from behind the scenes with a new stand-up comedy special on Netflix, which dropped on Thursday. Oh yea, and did we mention she performs the entire hour routine while 7 months pregnant? NBD, right?

During the special, appropriately titled, Baby Cobra, the mom-to-be gets real about marriage, maternity leave, and her struggles to become pregnant after having a miscarriage.

“You spend so much of your life as a woman trying not to get pregnant and then all of the sudden, once you decide and you have a partner who agrees to do it with you, suddenly it’s not as easy as you thought it was going to be,” Wong said in an interview with

The 34-year-old admitted in an interview with Elle, that like many women, her pregnancy made her worry about her career, especially in such a male-dominated industry.

 “I had so much anxiety about my stand-up career taking a big hit, so I wanted to use my pregnancy as a source of power and turn it into a weapon instead of a weakness,” she said. When you're pregnant, you're hungry, tired, and fat, so you have this ‘I don't give a fuck’ attitude that lends itself really well to performance. You let go of all dignity and shame, and it's beautiful.”

Indeed, Wong’s Netflix special may be just what the comedy industry needs right now. So if you’re looking to watch to add a little extra girl power to your Mother’s Day, this one is definitely one to check out.