Amber Rose
photo: YouTube

Amber Rose is the first to admit that she's not Kanye West's biggest fan, but that doesn't mean she's incapable of supporting him when he's in the right. In a promo released for tonight's (July 22) episode of her talk show "The Amber Rose Show" she addresses the video Kim Kardashian West released showing Taylor Swift did in fact get a heads up from West about his plans to include her in his song "Famous." (Despite Swift's insistence that she had no clue.)

To address the latest episode of Swift-West beef and how she's certain West didn't screw up this time, Rose takes us back to the beginning — the beginning of Swift and West's beef that is, when West interrupted Swift's acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

At the time, Kanye and Amber were dating, and attended the VMAs together.

photo: Splash

Amber recalls Kanye rushing the stage and thinking, "This mother fucker on stage right now ... holy shit."

As the woman by his side at the time, Rose remembers how remorseful West was after the incident. "I remember Taylor's mother and father coming up to us and saying, 'One day Kanye you're going to have a daughter and somebody's going to do that to you' ... He really felt so bad," she explains. She adds that she watched as "he went through a lot of bullshit" when people decided to no longer work with him.

Even though Kanye has repeatedly said some distasteful things about his ex, Amber still feels confident defending him.

"I know that Kanye would never, ever go through that again by not calling Taylor and saying, 'Heads up, I'm about to kinda go write this verse real quick. Just wanna make sure you're cool with it.'"

But just because Amber thinks Kanye did right by Taylor, doesn't mean she isn't pissed that he didn't extend the same courtesy to her for the "Famous" video.

"I say all that to say, why didn't I get a phone call for using a naked wax figure in your ['Famous'] video, Kanye? I mean, Taylor gets a call but I don't get a call. So please stay the fuck outta the news so I ain't gotta talk about your ass no more." 

I mean c'mon Kanye, you didn't think Amber was going to let you off that easy, did you?

Check out the full clip of Amber spilling the tea below.